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 Welcome to my Official Website, I’d love you to join me on my Remarkable Journey as a Trainer, Athlete, Mother & UK’s Top Fitness Model.
Not only am I here to help you achieve the results you deserve through training and nutrition, but by providing support and guidance at every step of your Remarkable Journey.


Screen-shot-2013-02-19-at-13.26.27-1Kelly’s program was great, it was easy to follow and the food never left hungry. I knew sugar was my enemy but happy to say I have kicked my habit. I never imagined I would lose 5inches around my waist, I’m so happy.



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Kelly has become one of UK’s Leading Fitness Models in the past few years with huge success on stage and off. An Optimum Nutrition Athlete and Bodybuilding.com Model, Kelly know’s how to reach the top.

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